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As shepherd and chief teacher for the Archdiocese, share in Archbishop Mark's preaching from Sunday Mass in text and audio visual form (where available).
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  • Aug 2015 '15

    Homily for the Youth and Vocations Expo Mass 2015

    Once they set forth from the land of Egypt, the house of their slavery, the chosen people show themselves to be a resounding bunch of whingers. They leave Egypt and they head for the Red Sea. Then they hear the thundering of Pharaoh’s Army coming to get them. Every empire needs a slave class to…

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  • Jun 2015 '15

    Homily for the Ordination of Deacons Paul Eloagu and Odinaka Nwadike

    Early in life they would have seemed two ordinary enough young Jewish men – one a budding business man, the other a promising rabbinic scholar. One had been born in far-flung Galilee and settled on the shore of the Lake; the other had been born in the diaspora, in even further-flung Tarsus, but had moved…

  • May 2015 '15

    Homily for Trinity Sunday

    Truth is often stranger than fiction and that is certainly true when it comes to God. When the sense of the divine first glimmered in the human heart long ago we concocted for ourselves a god, more or less, in our own image and likeness. This was a God who was all powerful, and therefore…

  • May 2015 '15

    Homily at Mass of Feast of St Philip Neri

    Like all the saints, Filippo di Neri – or Philip Neri as we known him – doesn’t quite add up. There’s a strangeness about him, a touch of paradox. He didn’t and he doesn’t fit the conventional categories. Nor does God. Philip’s origins were conventional enough for the time. He was born in Florence in…

  • May 2015 '15

    Homily for Pentecost

    On this day of Pentecost we make a fuss about fire. We have the banners in the nave of the Cathedral; the ministers on the sanctuary are wearing fiery red. So Pentecost is about fire. We heard the story of the first Pentecost where the disciples saw what seemed like tongues of fire that came…

  • Apr 2015 '15

    Homily for ANZAC Day Mass 2015

    We know what happened on this day one hundred years ago at Anzac Cove. The facts have been much reported and photographed. But what’s less clear is the meaning of the facts; that’s why we have so many different interpretations of what happened. Was it a defeat, a victory, a stalemate? Was the outcome decided…

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  • Apr 2015 '15

    Homily from Easter Sunday Mass 2015

    On Good Friday morning, after the Stations of the Cross in the Cathedral, I had an encounter with a lady who had come to the Cathedral to protest, which is of course her right. She was anxious about a number of things in the Church, one of which was sexual abuse. In the course of…

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  • Feb 2015 '15

    Homily at Mass for Archdiocesan Curia

    One of the great treasures of the Archdiocese of Brisbane is this precinct, standing as it does right at the heart of the Central Business District, the capital. Thank goodness Archbishop Duhig did not build the Holy Name Cathedral. He’s probably turning in his tomb as he hears his successor say this. Yet if he…

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  • Dec 2014 '14

    Homily for the Feast of the Holy Family

    Once upon a time, certainly before the rise of the nation state, the family was absolutely fundamental to human life in just about any of its forms. The family was crucial for social welfare because there was no other; also for health care as there were no hospitals to speak of; and for education as…

  • Dec 2014 '14

    Homily from the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord

    The fact is that we don’t know exactly when Jesus Christ was born. They didn’t keep records back in those days and they wouldn’t have known themselves on which day they were born. So why do we celebrate his birth on this particular day, 25 December? To answer that question we have to go from…

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