As shepherd and chief teacher for the Archdiocese, share in Archbishop Mark's preaching from Sunday Mass in text and audio visual form (where available).
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  • Feb 2015 '15

    Homily at Mass for Archdiocesan Curia

    One of the great treasures of the Archdiocese of Brisbane is this precinct, standing as it does right at the heart of the Central Business District, the capital. Thank goodness Archbishop Duhig did not build the Holy Name Cathedral. He’s probably turning in his tomb as he hears his successor say this. Yet if he…

  • Dec 2014 '14

    Homily for the Feast of the Holy Family

    Once upon a time, certainly before the rise of the nation state, the family was absolutely fundamental to human life in just about any of its forms. The family was crucial for social welfare because there was no other; also for health care as there were no hospitals to speak of; and for education as…

  • Dec 2014 '14

    Homily from the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord

    The fact is that we don’t know exactly when Jesus Christ was born. They didn’t keep records back in those days and they wouldn’t have known themselves on which day they were born. So why do we celebrate his birth on this particular day, 25 December? To answer that question we have to go from…

  • Dec 2014 '14

    Homily for Fourth Sunday of Advent

    The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary and she conceived by the Holy Spirit” … So we say day by day in the Angelus. Yet the question is this – when did she conceive? She did conceive in her womb, as Gabriel foretells, and she did give birth to the one whom she named…

  • Dec 2014 '14

    Homily for Third Sunday of Advent

      When called to give an account of himself, faced with those who say “Who are you?,” John the Baptist echoes the prophet Isaiah in describing himself as a voice crying out in the wilderness – “prepare the way of the Lord”. The wilderness of which he speaks is not just Bethany on the far…

  • Dec 2014 '14

    Homily at Ordination Mass for Stephen Camiolo

    Some years ago I was cheeky enough to say to one of my brother Bishops that the Word of God at times was a question, to which he promptly replied “Nonsense”! But tonight in the book of Genesis we have heard some of the great questions placed on the lips of God in the Bible. …

  • Oct 2014 '14

    Homily for 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

    There are many stars in the bible. The greatest of them of course is the Lord Jesus himself, but this morning here in the Cathedral we meet three of the most glittering stars of the whole bible. They come to us from the book of Exodus which we have just heard. It speaks of the…

  • Oct 2014 '14

    Homily for 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Sometimes it’s said that the church doesn’t have to be successful, the church has to be faithful. Now there is some truth in that but there is also a danger that that kind of claim can be a cop out. I guess it depends on what you mean by success. We certainly have to be…

  • Oct 2014 '14

    Homily for Golden Weddings Anniversary Mass

    They say that God has a sense of humour. It would seem to be so given that here today, as we celebrate long years of marriage, the figure which God gives us to interpret your journey, the deeper meaning of your life and its shape, is the figure of Job. We possibly could have expected…

  • Sep 2014 '14

    Homily for 50th Anniversary Mass of Caritas

    I’m not at all sure what a Fair Pay Commission would make of what we have just heard (in the Gospel). I suspect that they would at least understand the grumbling of those who have copped one denarius after a full days work when the latecomers, who did only a little bit of the work,…

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