As shepherd and chief teacher for the Archdiocese, share in Archbishop Mark's preaching from Sunday Mass in text and audio visual form (where available).
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  • Oct 2014 '14

    Homily for 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

    There are many stars in the bible. The greatest of them of course is the Lord Jesus himself, but this morning here in the Cathedral we meet three of the most glittering stars of the whole bible. They come to us from the book of Exodus which we have just heard. It speaks of the…

  • Oct 2014 '14

    Homily for 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Sometimes it’s said that the church doesn’t have to be successful, the church has to be faithful. Now there is some truth in that but there is also a danger that that kind of claim can be a cop out. I guess it depends on what you mean by success. We certainly have to be…

  • Oct 2014 '14

    Homily for Golden Weddings Anniversary Mass

    They say that God has a sense of humour. It would seem to be so given that here today, as we celebrate long years of marriage, the figure which God gives us to interpret your journey, the deeper meaning of your life and its shape, is the figure of Job. We possibly could have expected…

  • Sep 2014 '14

    Homily for 50th Anniversary Mass of Caritas

    I’m not at all sure what a Fair Pay Commission would make of what we have just heard (in the Gospel). I suspect that they would at least understand the grumbling of those who have copped one denarius after a full days work when the latecomers, who did only a little bit of the work,…

  • Sep 2014 '14

    Homily for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

    In the Gospel story that we have just heard we meet the intriguing figure of Nicodemus. Now Nicodemus was really somebody. He was one of the leading Jews and belonged to the leadership group that was called the Sanhedrin but he wanted to meet Jesus. Clearly something in Jesus had struck him, or something in…

  • Jul 2014 '14

    Homily for Mass Sunday July 13, 2014

    In his teaching style Jesus of Nazareth was in many ways just like all the other rabbis. Yet there are certain points at which the teaching style of Jesus is utterly distinctive. One of those ways is that he takes the simplest, most ordinary and familiar things to talk about the most complex, extraordinary and…

  • Jun 2014 '14

    Homily for Ordination Mass for Fr Martin Larsen and Fr Leonard Uzuegbu

    Way back in 1966 the German Jesuit Theologian Karl Rahner wrote a short piece about the priest of the future. What he wrote has turned out to be prophetic. It made an impression on me when I was a seminarian and it still makes an impression upon me, more so perhaps now than then. The…

  • Jun 2014 '14

    Homily for Pentecost Sunday 2014

    The disciples were cringing behind locked doors and they had good reason to do so. They had seen the Lord executed in the most brutal possible way and they had every reason to believe that they may be next cab off the rank. I don’t blame them for locking the door and cringing behind the…

  • May 2014 '14

    Homily from Mass for Religious to mark 175th Anniversary of the Sisters of Charity of Australia

    The word charity, in contemporary English at least, gets a bad press. We even have an expression like “ as cold as charity”. Yet, regardless of the bad press, the word charity is absolutely fundamental, not just to this celebration, but to Christianity itself. In some ways the most basic cry of all of Christianity…

  • May 2014 '14

    Homily for Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Michael McCarthy

    On this fortieth day of the fifty-day Easter festival, we have heard one of the stories of the Risen Lord appearing to his disciples. These stories at the end of three of the Gospels are extraordinary for a number of reasons. Yet one of the strange things about them is just how ordinary some of…

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