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As shepherd and chief teacher for the Archdiocese, share in Archbishop Mark's preaching from Sunday Mass in text and audio visual form (where available).
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  • Jul 2016 '16

    Homily for Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

    In the story that we have heard from the book of Genesis this morning, our father in faith Abraham shows himself to be a God-botherer in no small measure. He will not let up. A bit like the character we met in the Gospel story who keeps banging on the door in the middle of…

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  • Jul 2016 '16

    Homily for Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Down through the centuries these two men, the priest and the Levite have got a very bad press. Some of it perhaps was justified but really they weren’t bad men, as the bad press would suggest. I suspect without knowing much about them they were in fact ordinarily good men but caught up in an…

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  • Apr 2016 '16

    Homily for the ANZAC Day Mass

    Australia can be the land of the great forgetting. Many came to these distant shores in order to forget – to wipe from their mind the memory of war, persecution, poverty. They never spoke much of what they left behind; their stories usually went with them to the grave. And so was born the great…

  • Feb 2016 '16

    Homily for Launch of Project Compassion 2016

    Just last week I was in the Philippines for the first time, down in Cebu in the middle of the country. In some ways it is another planet compared to anything we know here in Brisbane. One of the things that was seriously confronting was the kind of poverty I saw there on the streets…

  • Dec 2015 '15

    Christmas Homily 2015

    Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s homily from the Midnight Mass, Cathedral of St Stephen, Christmas 2015 Each of us has made a journey of some kind to be here tonight – some from near, some from far. But it’s not just us, because the Christmas story is filled with journeys. We have the journey of Joseph and…

  • Dec 2015 '15

    Homily for December 13, 2015 (Gaudete Sunday)

    As we approach the celebration of Christmas the world looks more than usually a mess. We have the spectre of terrorism, the refugee crisis, climate change and all the challenges it presents, economic woes, political turmoil here, there and just about everywhere. The woes could go on. The world at this point looks quite a…

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  • Nov 2015 '15

    Homily for All Saints 2015

    Here in my hand is a very fat book and on the spine of it is written its official title. It is in Latin – and it says Martyrologium Romanum – translated – the Roman Martyrology. What is it? A list of all the saints for every day of the year. When I open it…

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  • Sep 2015 '15

    Homily for the Annual Catholic Campaign 2015

    Families come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the nuclear family, but also the extended family. There’s the family of the Church and there’s even the human family. Every family has its problems; every family has its challenges. Certainly the human family has its share of both. Close to home and far away, there are…

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  • Aug 2015 '15

    Homily for the Multicultural Mass 2015

    Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s homily from the 2015 Multicultural Mass. We hear this afternoon of the letter from St James; now St James was the leader of the Church in Jerusalem, which was at the time the mother church. He says to us that we have been made the children of God by the message of…

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  • Aug 2015 '15

    Homily for the Youth and Vocations Expo Mass 2015

    Once they set forth from the land of Egypt, the house of their slavery, the chosen people show themselves to be a resounding bunch of whingers. They leave Egypt and they head for the Red Sea. Then they hear the thundering of Pharaoh’s Army coming to get them. Every empire needs a slave class to…

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