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Pastoral letters & messages

Archbishop Mark Coleridge opens up on his views and visions for the Archdiocese of Brisbane through his pastoral messages and letters to the people of the archdiocese.
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  • Mar 2019 '19

    A word to the entire community of the Archdiocese of Brisbane

    These last few weeks have been bruising for the Catholic Church in Australia. It seems that everywhere we turn we see stories about the Church and its failures with child sexual abuse. We have to accept that. The Church will never walk away from its responsibilities in this area. We will continue to do all…

  • Dec 2018 '18

    Archbishop’s 2018 Christmas Message

    These days there’s a lot of death around both locally and internationally. Locally we are dealing with issues of the beginning of life and the end of life and again the shadow of death falls across that kind of debate, as we look at abortion and euthanasia. Internationally, well you’ve got immigrants all around the world striving for…

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  • Dec 2018 '18


    AN ADVENT PASTORAL LETTER By Archbishop Mark Coleridge At a time when the average age of Catholics in Australia is 59, it has been good to celebrate the Year of Youth which is now coming to an end. Perhaps it would’ve been better to have a decade of youth, but the year was a promising…

  • Sep 2018 '18

    To the People of God of the Archdiocese of Brisbane

    Brothers and sisters: Peace be with you! As we cross another threshold in the long journey of responding to the crisis of sexual abuse in the Church, I want to speak a word to you, a word of hope and encouragement. I speak first to the victims and their families who have suffered most through…

  • Feb 2018 '18

    Beginning the Journey of Lent: A Word from Archbishop Mark

    Greetings to all of you as we look towards Lent and to Easter that lies beyond. Last December, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse handed down its final report, as you know. Like the Australian Government and many other institutions, the Catholic bishops of Australia and leaders of religious institutes are…

  • Dec 2017 '17

    A letter on marriage

    By Archbishop Mark Coleridge The postal survey on same-sex marriage is behind us, and now we await the legislation that will follow. That is largely beyond our control, but there are other things that are within our control; and we would do well to look at these, particularly as we journey through Advent towards Christmas…

  • Sep 2017 '17

    Towards the Marriage Vote

    I’ve been told people are looking for guidance on same-sex marriage as we move towards the postal vote. That may be so, though I suspect that most people have already made up their mind on the issue and, if they’re looking for anything, they’re wanting some authority to support their position publicly. But that’s not…

  • Mar 2017 '17

    Learning to Lament – Archbishop Coleridge’s Lenten Pastoral Letter 2017

    On Ash Wednesday we heard the prophet’s words: “Come back to me with all your heart, fasting, weeping, mourning” (Joel 2:12) – words which echo one of the key themes of Scripture, the theme of lament. Ancient Israel had to make sense of the blood, sweat and tears that so often marked their history; they…

  • Feb 2017 '17

    Archbishop Mark on the Royal Commission final hearing

    After three gruelling weeks, the Royal Commission’s final hearing into the Catholic Church has come to an end. The preparation for it was tough, and my own three appearances were challenging enough. Through it all I had a growing sense that, after four years of public and private hearings, the Royal Commission had already come…

  • Feb 2017 '17

    Archbishop’s message ahead of Royal Commission final hearing

    Archbishop Mark Coleridge has issued a message ahead of the final hearing into the Catholic Church at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Transcript: By now the Royal Commission into the institutional abuse of the young is into its fourth year. It’s been a long and agonising but very important journey…

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