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Brisbane hosts 2002 relationship educators conference

If nearly half of Australian marriage relationships end in divorce, why don’t we hear more about the half that do work and why?

Successful marriages and good relationships will go under the spotlight when more than 200 relationships educators meet in Brisbane between 26th and 30th September 2002.

The Marriage and Relationship Educators Association of Australia (MAREAA) and the Catholic Society for Marriage Education (CSME) jointly convene the Marriage and Relationship Educators National Conference (MARENC) annually.

The Australian grass tree, the symbol of the conference, represents enduring relationships that thrive by storing resources in the good times, in order to survive hard times.
Ms Christine Hodge (CSME) who is convening the conference with Ms Anne Brelsford (MAREAA) said the study of the ways in which people make all sorts of relationships work is now an established and fast growing body of knowledge.

“Relationship educators are using this body of knowledge to develop more ways and means of teaching people about relationships not just in marriage, but in all forms of relationships.”

The conference will host 34 varied workshop topics and present four internationally recognised keynote speakers developing the theme of thriving, surviving and resilience.

  • Andrew Fuller – La Trobe University, Melbourne – Belonging and relationships – people are people because of other people
  • Ken McMaster (NZ) – Inviting people to change – men and family violence
  • Dr Nancy Reeves (Victoria University Canada). Effective relationships – change and loss theme.
  • Dr Cynthia Davis – Director of Mindwise, Melbourne. Emotional intelligence – the heart of intimate relationships

The conference will be held at the Bardon Centre, 390 Simpson’s Road, Bardon, and is supported by the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services.

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