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  • Dec 2018 '18

    Third Sunday of Advent – Two-Minute Homily: Fr Stephen Byrnes

    Two-Minute Homily by Fr Stephen Byrnes for the Third Sunday of Advent 2018.“John’s proclamation ensures that the baptism he’s offering is understood as an assault on the status quo…”

  • Oct 2018 '18

    Brisbane Catholic Church celebrates its young people

    To mark the end of the Year of Youth in November this year, young Catholics will converge upon an inconspicuous Brisbane warehouse that spends its weekdays as a carpark. The Youth Evangelisation Office team leader, Melissa Fenech, paints a picture of what to expect at this Year of Youth Archdiocesan Celebration. “There are so many…

  • Sep 2018 '18

    The Frodo and the Sam in us and around us

    By Brother Damien Price I would love to have met JRR Tolkien. The author of The Lord of the Rings created a powerful story of good versus evil. A daily massgoer, Tolkien used his archetypical heroes to teach us all the simple but powerful message that good will triumph over evil and that the warrior…

  • Sep 2018 '18

    Tips for fathers and daughters

    By Madonna King, author of Fathers and Daughters When Dr Bruce Robinson, a leading cancer surgeon, tells a father their medical condition is terminal, and they are facing a certain death, they ask about the medical questions you would expect. But then, he says, they almost always ask the same question: “why didn’t I spend more…

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