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Catholic Church’s TJHC welcomes Commonwealth CSA redress announcement

The Catholic Church’s Truth Justice and Healing Council (TJHC) has welcomed today’s announcement by the Commonwealth Government that it will establish and run a national redress scheme for the survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.

Francis Sullivan, CEO of the TJHC said this is a great day for the survivors of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, other churches as well as state and federal government and other private institutions.

“The Commonwealth and Prime Minister Turnbull should be applauded for taking a principled decision on this very important and difficult issue,” Mr Sullivan said.

“For more than three years the Catholic Church, survivors and others have been calling for an independent, Commonwealth-run redress scheme that has the potential to respond to the claims of survivors consistently.

“Today’s announcement, which is consistent with the Royal Commission recommendations and submissions by the Catholic Church, is the first step in delivery of such a scheme.

“Importantly, it is now up to all institutions in which abuse occurred, as well at the State and Territory governments, to get on board and become part of the scheme.

“This is by far the best chance we as a community, and particularly the institutions responsible for the abuse will have to do the right thing.

“This scheme will deliver a fair, simple, consistent and generous process for redress for survivors regardless of where abuse occurred, be it a church, a charity, a school, an orphanage or anywhere else.

“It will mean the scheme will determine redress payments and that payment will be met by the institution responsible for the abuse.

“It means that institutions such as the Catholic Church will now no longer be in the business of investigating and determining claims against themselves.

“This is a welcome and very important announcement,” Mr Sullivan said.

Released by the Truth Justice and Healing Council

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