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Joy as two Deacons to be ordained Priests

Popular Deacons Peter Gablonski and Jason Middleton are to be ordained to Catholic priesthood at the Cathedral of St Stephen on June 27.

The two men, 33 and 26 years old respectively, will finish seven years of seminary study when Archbishop John Bathersby ordains them for the Brisbane archdiocese.

Mr Gablonski, whose parents, brother and sister will also be present, said he was delighted to be at the ‘starting line’ of active ministry.

“It’s good to finally be getting to ordination because its something I’ve been heading to for ages,” Gablonski said.

“There’s excitement but also a lot of relief I’ve finally made it this far.”

He will also be very proud to have Daisy Hill parish’s Fr Paul Murphy present for the occasion, from whom Gablonski drew much inspiration to become a priest.

“I only started wanting to become a priest in year 2000, but it was obviously looking at Fr Paul, being a part of the parish and seeing his faith that led me on,” Mr Gablonski said.

“When I saw how he talked and how he spent time with people it just made it seem the kind of life that gradually I thought I could do.”

Mr Middleton, whose parents and sister are also attending, said the excitement was really building.

“Certainly many different people in the parish are excited and I’m feeling that excitement with them,” Mr Middleton said.

“It will be a wonderful occasion to celebrate with friends and family and all the people in the community who’ve helped me along in my journey to where it is at present. “

Other proud priests who will be concelebrating the ordination Mass will be Albany Creek’s Fr Ron Mollison, and Clayfield’s Fr Adrian Farrelly, from whom Middleton and Gablonski are learning the art of pastoral leadership.

“Being at Albany Creek has been fantastic,” Mr Middleton said.

“To have a longer stint in one place without being moved has been good, just to settle back down, get to know people and become part of their lives and to get stuck into the nitty gritty of what it means to minister in a local parish like this.”

Likewise Peter Gablonski is making the most of his parish placement.

“I’m enjoying my time here at Clayfield because it’s an active parish and deanery and Fr Adrian has given me quite a bit to do, which helps bring alive some of the lessons we’ve learnt along the way,” Gablonski said.

“Getting involved in all these different things has certainly given me a nice well rounded view of what ministry is about.”

The ordination Mass starts in St Stephen’s Cathedral at 7.30pm on Friday June 27.
Released by The Catholic Communications Office

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