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Parents urged to “keep it normal” at exam time

Keep it normal – that’s the advice for parents as their children prepare for the end-of-semester exams at Catholic schools around the Archdiocese.

Carmel Nash, Queensland Parents and Friends executive director, said parents played a vital role in ensuring their children were calm and well-prepared for exams.

“We hear a lot about anxiousness but often that’s coming from the parents and not from the children,” Mrs Nash said.

“Parents worry about unintended consequences. We hear it about NAPLAN and we hear it about Year 12.

“The most important thing is for parents to be consistent across the year. On the whole, parents are really good about treating it as a part of the year.”

So, what are the best ways to ensure children are prepared for the upcoming exams?

  • “Make sure they get a good night’s sleep and that they have had a good dinner and good breakfast.”
  • “Make sure they have all the equipment they need … make sure the place they study is comfortable.”
  • “Be realistic about the child’s abilities without putting pressure on them.

Mrs Nash said parents who noticed that their children were nervous about exams should talk to them about the task: “If you see those signs of anxiousness, talk to your child about it and reassure them that you just want them to do their best.”

Mrs Nash said everyday discussion between parents and children about their schooling was important.

And it wasn’t just about parents asking children how their day was.

“Read the school newsletter, be in touch with the child’s teacher and you know what they’re doing,” Mrs Nash said.

“Students are more than happy to answer if they know that their parents know what they’re doing.”

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