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Thanksgiving – Farmers

As an exercise in almsgiving over the next 40 days, this webpage will joyfully give up its praise and thanks for one aspect of life, and not always necessarily a religious one.


There is a business which has been plying its trade for a few years now called Aussie Farmers Direct. Driving home from work about the suburbs you often see their home delivery trucks making final rounds for the day, bringing the best of the produce from the affiliated farmers. It is a model with a few variants and competitors, but all essentially trying to give a bit more of a break to our Aussie farmers. Lord knows with some of the strangleholds the big grocery retailers have over them, they need every ounce of edge they can get.

For all we can talk about being a knowledge nation and a smart state, a country, much like an army, marches on its stomach. Without the raw materials that help get us into our cars or on public transport every day; such as coffee, tea, bread for toast and butter to cover it, we wouldn’t even get past first base on being productive. Never mind too that the poor farmer who has furnished all this food as bounty for our table has been up well before breakfast time and will still be out as we head in the door for dinner.

Speak to farmers and they invariably say they have more bad years than good. While the good years may be absolutely stupendous they only cover the heavy baggage for multiples of bad ones. Mix in the droughts and the red tape of environmental protectionism (its hard imagining a person who has grown up on the land and has a financial stake in it is anything other than a conservationist of their own land) and it’s amazing they didn’t all roll up their swags a long time ago. Yet the hardy stock and character of people in the bush, combined with innovation and the willingness to farm more efficiently, have kept them in the game bringing first class produce to our door year round.

To all the hardworking farmers, who should be remembered fondly daily in our grace before meals, we say a hearty thank you for your toil.

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The season of Lent asks of us for sacrifice and the foregoing of many things, but an attitude of joy and gratitude should not be amongst them.

As an exercise in almsgiving over the next 40 days, this webpage will joyfully give up its praise and thanks for one aspect of life, and not always necessarily a religious one.

At the outset it should be made clear the viewpoints expressed here are a matter of individual opinion. If any one item doesn’t coincide with your own personal tastes then why not seek to better it with some thanksgiving of your own rather than a critique? You are always welcome to do so at the Archdiocesan website feedback mechanism.

So we invite you to come, walk with us awhile, and be thankful as we journey together to Calvary and beyond to Easter.

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