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“What time’s Mass?” to leave the lexicon

The Archdiocese of Brisbane has produced a new mobile app which advises the details of the next (by time) and nearest (by location) Mass to the user, wherever they may be in the diocese.

It means Brisbane Catholics need never ask “what time’s Mass on?” again as the app uses a GPS locator to provide the user with upcoming Mass options within a geographical radius.

The smart phone and tablet app is free and available for both iOS and Android devices.

Its genesis came from Archdiocesan website feedback, wherein numerous requests had been made to group and order the ‘Find a Mass’ information by time of day rather than by parish.

Brisbane Archdiocesan Web Developer Matt Cassidy has spent the past 5 months building and testing the app and said he was pleased to have finally found a solution to this recurrent request.

“The governing principle I kept in mind when working on the project was that an ‘app’ should do one thing and do it well,” Mr Cassidy said.

“Basically it connects the public with the key locations and services across the archdiocese by providing a searchable public directory which makes heavy use of geographical location points.

“It’s timely to make it available now as we have a lot of visitors who are soon to be travelling here for holidays over the Christmas and New Year period.

“It can certainly help those people visiting or travelling around the Archdiocese to locate Masses at any given time or place,” he said.

Users can search for suitable upcoming Mass times by location, kilometre radius, date, time, type of Mass or service (i.e. reconciliation, Children’s Liturgy) or language.

In addition to Mass times and parish details, app users are within easy reach of other Archdiocesan “touchpoints” such as Centacare service sites, BCE and Religious Institute schools.

They can also tap into some of the newer forms of evangelisation or social media through links to the audio of Archbishop Coleridge’s homilies and the various twitter and news feeds sourced from The Catholic Leader and other Archdiocesan agencies.

The spiritual dimension is not overlooked either, with app users able to submit a prayer intention or prayer of thanksgiving which is then relayed to various prayer groups dotted across Brisbane.

Anyone interested in downloading the free app should find it available in both the Apple (iOS) and Android App stores by searching the keywords “Archdiocese of Brisbane”.

Mr Cassidy also said the app had been built in such a way that it could be adapted for use in other parishes and dioceses around the country.

Read more about the Archdiocese of Brisbane app.


Released by the Archdiocesan Communication Office


October 30, 2013

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