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Catholic support services

An overview of the Catholic support services offered by Centacare Brisbane - the support services arm of the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

Catholic support services




Centacare definitely has the right way of offering dignity and support back to their client, and to empower them, because that’s what we want to do.

Really eases my mind because I know he’s safe and being well looked after, well fed, and he’s happy!

I would highly and very strongly recommend it because the help that these people give to both the clients and the carers is fantastic.

Working with people with disabilities so at the end of the day it’s about letting people see what they can do to make a difference and to move forward.


They’re like my family. I live alone. I had some of the carers of a night time to help me and this is where I grew to love everybody in this centre.

Until you have to go through these certain functions of caring from somebody, you don’t know about the things until you get to something like this which is where they can tell you this is what we do and we can help you with that.


With Centacare you can definitely understand the values and the input that they’re trying to involve with the kids and also the staff.


Centacare gives you so many advantages, and the fact that you can have someone to come and take them to the centre for the day, or come here for a holiday, or just for a break.

I had the carers of Centacare reading my mail for me so I could understand. Now I can come in, go into the room and I know how to use the computer and I can actually read it!

Centacare sends a staff member to take us shopping, to the doctors, to the dentist, anywhere.

They’re so good to me and they’re very compassionate and kind, and this means a lot to an old person.

I actually was a client of Centacare and then I became a worker of Centacare as well, a receptionist on the front desk.

I call it the play school for the elderly, we have fun all the time!

Centacare has made me understand that life is still there.

I’m 92 and I feel about sixty, because I feel that I’m one of them.




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