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Read prayer intentions

Please pray with us these prayer intentions and prayers of thanks left by the faithful the world over.
  • For the conversion of Ryan.
    1 Sep 2015
  • May our Risen Lord forgives all the sins of my father Belavandran and our Almighty shall welcome him to the kingdom of heaven.
    Nadine of Malaysia
    31 Aug 2015
  • I will like to pray for Andres of Brisbane: My Dear Father, please aloud your beloved son Andres, the gift to see himself through your beloved eyes. Amen. p.s. Andres, read in your bible Saint John 8:1-11. San Juan Capitulo 8 versiculos 1 al 11.
    Rodrigo of Australia
    31 Aug 2015
  • For the conversion of Marc.
    R of Ohio, USA
    31 Aug 2015
  • I have done something I am not proud of. I have faced my guilt and repented, and will be seeking the sacrament of Penance soon. However, I worry my actions will have severe consequences that will mark me for life. I humbly ask of God deliverance from this, if possible; if not, strength to endure it.
    Andres of Brisbane
    24 Aug 2015
  • Father God, we praise & worship you. Please forgive all our shortcomings as we come to you with contrite hearts. Thank u for all the blessings we have received. Have pity on us by providing for the needs of my 2 children especially the gift of good health. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
    M of Stafford Heights
    24 Aug 2015
  • My wife separated. We have a daughter 3 year old, i love her, i am living with my mother, but i am failed to look after my mother due to unemployment. I need to satisfy mother to love all the people. I begg your prayer especially St Eugene de Mazenod patronage. Please pray for me and for my family.
    Sunil.Chacko.k of Kerala, India
    17 Aug 2015
  • Please pray that I may find gainful employment soon and my application for my nursing enrolment with the registration board is successful.
    Jeremy of Gold Coast
    13 Aug 2015
  • Please pray for my grandmother Luz who has a rare form of blood cancer and is undergoing a new chemo regimen that is making her swollen and lethargic. Please pray that she suffer no major painful side effects and that she will be on the road to continued recovery. Thank you!
    Karinina of Washington DC
    10 Aug 2015
  • Stabat Mater. saint Jude pray for us. please hear my desperate request +++
    Derek of Brisbane
    31 Jul 2015
  • That I, Alexander accept the ongoing, complete, and infinite healing and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that I am graced to be a great communicator and even better listener, and that I love Jesus, others and myself as Jesus loves us, and also receive the gifts of surrender, joy, and gratitude.
    Alexander of Washington
    29 Jul 2015
  • Deanna has bone metastatis. She is going on a new treatment. Please pray that her body will respond.
    Rose of Sydney
    28 Jul 2015
  • For the repose of the soul of Fr. Wallick.
    16 Jul 2015
  • Please pray for me and my family for emotional & spiritual healing. Thank you -Jordan -Eleanor -Kyle -Kylen -Kayden
    7 Jul 2015
  • Please pray for Martin S who is by himself and sick with cancer. Please give him the strength to take care of himself and for my friends little boy Gabriel so that he is able to eat normally like all other children. Thanks be to God. Lord hear our prayer.
    SA of nundah
    7 Jul 2015
  • My husband lost the job . His visa will get expired in 2 months. Please pray for him to get the job within a week of time . Also pray for us to get the complete deliverance from evil spirits sent by one of my collegues.
    kuttyda of qatar
    6 Jul 2015
  • Please pray for the successful completion of celebration of the Solemn Feast of Holy Mother of God ,St Alphonsa, St Mary MacKillop scheduled on 1st and 2nd of August at St Johns Church at Northgate.Brisbane.This combined feast celebrations are organised by Syromalabar Catholic Church in Brisbane.
    Jolly Karumathy of Boondall
    1 Jul 2015
  • Dear lord. We pray for your health giving grace for our much loved "B". Through your love all things are possible.
    M of Toowoomba
    29 Jun 2015
  • For peace and religious unity. For the Pope and all the Catholics. For our near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. For success in work/studies. For a happy married life for my daughter, a safe pregnancy and normal delivery.Thanksgiving.
    Lloyd of Cochin, India
    26 Jun 2015
  • Please pray for my mother who suffers from bouts of severe depression and other ailments especially arthritis at this time of the year.
    LG of Brisbane
    9 Jun 2015
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