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Archbishop Mark's Statements

Mar 2019 '19


The Catholic Church in Australia was deeply shocked by the evil visited upon the Muslim people of Christchurch yesterday as they came to worship. Beyond Christchurch and New Zealand, the blood flowed right around the world...
Feb 2019 '19

A Message from Rome

Archbishop Mark is in Rome as President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to participate in the Pope's Summit on Child Protection. Taking part are Bishops and Leaders of religious orders from right across the...
Oct 2018 '18

Suddenly this text spoke to me in a way that differed from the usual...

"Suddenly this text spoke to me in a way that differed from the usual interpretation. Isn't Jesus saying to us with these words: Why are you asking me for lots of faith? Maybe your faith is 'far too big'? Only if it...
Oct 2018 '18

Those who pretend to reform the Church with the same means used to...

"Those who pretend to reform the Church with the same means used to reform temporal society - not only will they fail in their undertaking but they will infallibly end by finding themselves outside the is they...
Aug 2018 '18

Statement from ACBC President Mark Coleridge on the Pope's Letter to the People of God

The Catholic Bishops of Australia welcome the Letter to the People of God that Pope Francis has written regarding sexual abuse in the Church. We share the Holy Father's determination to protect young people and vulnerable...
Jul 2018 '18

Archbishop Mark Coleridge's Address Proclaim Conference 2018

The address delivered by Archbishop Mark Coleridge at Proclaim Conference 2018.
Jul 2018 '18

Safeguarding Strategy 2018-2020

Pope Francis has laid out a clear message for the Church when it comes to the crucial question of safeguarding. He puts it this way: "The Church loves all her children like a loving mother, but she protects with a special...
Jun 2018 '18

Why Jesus Matters In Modern Australia? - Archbishop Mark Coleridge (Facebook Live)

Welcome everybody to my place, this big old house called Wynberg, which means 'vineyard'. It's been the home of the Archbishop's of Brisbane for about years and it's seen a lot of things through those years. But I know for a...
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