Australian Catholic University - Archdiocese of Brisbane

Australian Catholic University

Within the Catholic intellectual tradition and acting in Truth and Love, Australian Catholic University is committed to the pursuit of knowledge, the dignity of the human person and the common good.
The ACU Mission

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public not-for-profit university funded by the Australian Government which has seven campuses around Australia. It is open to students and staff of all beliefs.

An ACU education aims to teach students to think critically and ethically, and to be guided by social justice principles. It is about passing on the skills to bring about change in communities and in society. The University’s Core Curriculum lies at the heart of this vision. The goal is not just to pass on knowledge, but to raise some of the most fundamental questions about human experience and meaning, and equip students to address them with intelligence, compassion, and a heightened ethical awareness.

ACU graduates will be skilled in their chosen fields, ethical in their behaviour, with a developed critical habit of mind, an appreciation of the sacred in life and a commitment to serving the common good.

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