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Visiting Clergy and Religious

Visiting Clergy and Religious
All visiting clergy and religious must complete and return a Professional Standards Form in order to seek permission to minister within the Archdiocese of Brisbane. The form should be completed two weeks prior to commencement of ministry.

In order to request permissions for ministry in the Archdiocese of Brisbane it is necessary to complete the ‘Professional Standards Form‘. We request that this form be completed and returned to the Episcopal Offices no later than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of your visit. In the case that 2 weeks’ notice is not possible, please submit the forms immediately with a brief explanation as to the short notice.

Anyone wishing to minister in the Archdiocese of Brisbane for more than seven consecutive days also requires a Queensland Working with Children Card (Blue Card). The Blue Card application form should be completed, paid for and lodged online at if required. Please note Blue Card applications take approximately 6 weeks to be processed and permissions for ministry cannot be granted until a Blue Card is received.

Please note working with Children Cards from other Australian States are not valid in Queensland.

Once your ‘Professional Standards Form’ has been received you will receive correspondence from the Archdiocese advising whether or not you have the temporary faculties of the Archdiocese. Ministry within the Archdiocese is not permitted until this correspondence is received.

Should you have any questions regarding this process please contact the Episcopal Offices.

Applicable forms:

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