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  • Dec 2017 '17

    Homily at Funeral for Bishop John Gerry

    In the winter of 1946, the nineteen year old John Gerry set sail for Rome on the SS Moreton Bay. The world was still reeling from a war that had left behind the ash-heaps of Auschwitz and Hiroshima, but for the boy from Brisbane a new world beckoned. He’d been sent to complete his priestly…

  • Aug 2017 '17

    Homily for Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

    I have been reading Shakespeare for years; and when I do, I’m often left wondering where he got all this. The language has such power and beauty and ease that something seems to pass through Shakespeare. The words seem to come from somewhere else, so transcendent do they seem. I have the same sense with…

  • Jun 2017 '17

    Homily for Pentecost Sunday 2017

    There are many things that I don’t know about you, whoever you may be, but there is one thing I know for certain about everyone in this Cathedral right now. It is that you are breathing, at least I hope you are. If we human beings don’t breathe then we die, so it is a…

  • May 2017 '17

    Homily for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

    Down through the centuries many, many Christian creeds have been composed. Some of them are rather long and complex; the Nicene Creed that we normally say at Mass would fall into that category as its neither short nor simple. Yet other creeds are very short and very simple, and the oldest of them all is…

  • Apr 2017 '17

    Homily from Solemn Dedication of Stella Maris Church, Maroochydore

    This nameless woman, from Samaria, we’re told she comes to the well. Now there could be nothing more ordinary than a well. In that part of the world, at that time, every town and every village had a well. There was nothing unusual about it. Everyone, or at least all the women who did the…

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  • Nov 2016 '16

    Homily at the Mass celebrating 75 years of Holy Spirit Seminary

    Each of us is here today because, in some way or other, we’re part of the story of the seminary that’s been on Beehive Hill at Banyo for most of 75 years. We have five former Rectors and one currently serving. We have former and present members of staff, and we have many who were…

  • Sep 2016 '16

    Homily for the Annual Catholic Campaign 2016

    In this Year of Mercy we see more clearly than ever that mercy isn’t passive but active. It’s not a matter of waiting for those who need mercy to come to us. We have to go out in search of them, wherever and whoever they may be. In the Gospel we’ve just heard, the shepherd…

  • Jul 2016 '16

    Homily for Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

    In the story that we have heard from the book of Genesis this morning, our father in faith Abraham shows himself to be a God-botherer in no small measure. He will not let up. A bit like the character we met in the Gospel story who keeps banging on the door in the middle of…

  • Jul 2016 '16

    Homily for Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Down through the centuries these two men, the priest and the Levite have got a very bad press. Some of it perhaps was justified but really they weren’t bad men, as the bad press would suggest. I suspect without knowing much about them they were in fact ordinarily good men but caught up in an…

  • Apr 2016 '16

    Homily for the ANZAC Day Mass

    Australia can be the land of the great forgetting. Many came to these distant shores in order to forget – to wipe from their mind the memory of war, persecution, poverty. They never spoke much of what they left behind; their stories usually went with them to the grave. And so was born the great…

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