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Read prayer intentions

Please pray with us these prayer intentions and prayers of thanks left by the faithful the world over.
  • To not be triggered by daily/night noise intrusions of my neighbours and pets. I've had to put the house up for sale but months later it's not sold and I've stopped coping with neighbours/pets and now agent pushing me to sell for a loss which on a disability pension I cant afford
    22 Jun 2018
  • Please pray for the Blessed Souls
    Carlos of Coolangatta
    19 Jun 2018
  • Please storm heaven so that sister C & I be cured of our health problems, very painful ulcers in my legs will heal soon. Please pray that Lord will relieve me of intense ulcer pain, heal infection, venous hypertension swelling of both lower limbs. Kindly pray that my cardiac arrhythmias be cured.
    lkk of Malaysia
    19 Jun 2018
  • for my daughter danielle and son peter to be filled with the Holy Spirit
    louella of melbourne
    19 Jun 2018
  • Please pray for healing for both Pat & Damian. Also i pray that Damian's business venture will be successful for the benefit of his family. For nothing is imlossible for God. Thankyou.
    M.M of Tasmania
    15 Jun 2018
  • For the conversion of Mark: a homeless alcoholic and fallen Catholic. Please also pray for for Julie and her patients and for Mathew.
    Mathew of melbourne
    14 Jun 2018
  • pls pls pray for financial blessings on our family and that i dont have to give up my house due to financial problems. some people have cheated us of our money. pls pray that they give back. thankyou. may God bless you.
    sony of INDIA
    13 Jun 2018
  • Please pray that I may be successful in my new work and that God may protect me from work bullies. To always believe in kindness and always do what is pleasing to God.
    H of Brisbane
    13 Jun 2018
  • Please pray for the restoration of my marriage and for peace in our home for finances and provision
    11 Jun 2018
  • Pls help me pray to save my marriage. My wife Leah left 7 mo ago and is limiting communication. And my family business & home are going through a lot of financial turmoil. I ask to cancel any evil affecting me & family now forever. I ask God in the name of Jesus to help me & family. Amen
    11 Jun 2018
  • I Amit Kumar wrote physics subject in exam.Please pray for successfull and passed result of mine in physics subject. Amen
    11 Jun 2018
  • Please pray for my young niece who is extremely ill with depression and anxiety. May God show her light where she sees such darkness. May she and her parents continue to find the strength to go on when all seems hopeless. Surround them with your love, Lord, and bring them hope.
    A of Brisbane
    8 Jun 2018
  • That I now experience deep rest and safety in the present especially where I live. Prayers the house now sells for what I think is a fair price and allows me to live where I feel safe and good and is peaceful
    7 Jun 2018
  • Can you please pray for my mom who is very sick and has physical dependence on meds. Thank you so much.
    6 Jun 2018
  • I ask for prayer that my girlfriend Sarah would reconcile with me, commit to our relationship and seek the counseling that she needs. Many thanks, Bruce
    Bruce of ??
    6 Jun 2018
  • Jeanette, 87 years old, aortic valve replacement surgery
    5 Jun 2018
  • Please pray for my Aunt, whose stick with cancer.
    Jeremy of Carrara
    5 Jun 2018
  • Prayer for my daughter, best accommodation to be available for her , supported employment as she juggles her mental health and studying. general disability support for her to be able to live independently and successfully. Close doors that are not of God, and open up godly opportunities and places.
    SHARON of australia
    5 Jun 2018
  • Asking prayers for my friend Steph S her deliverance from drugs and never touches them again her salvation that she becomes saved filled with the Holy Spirit god becomes the center of her life a unbreakable anointing on her life she becomes a light to others new godly minded friends
    1 Jun 2018
  • I have prayed for my Christian life mate since I was 18, so for 20 years now. I've always prayed God lets me know the exact man He has for me. I ask for your prayers that God reveals him soon. Thank you. Christi
    Christi of Tennessee
    1 Jun 2018
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