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Read prayer intentions

Please pray with us these prayer intentions and prayers of thanks left by the faithful the world over.
  • Please pray for Lobezno to return to the Catholic Faith. For him to no longer have any interest or association with Muslims or Islam
    12 Sep 2017
  • Peace of Jesus Christ with you, I need prayers to my brother Elie Ghaleb who suffers from metastasis osteosarcoma Thank you very much
    Tony of Beirut
    12 Sep 2017
  • For peace rest NOW Last 6 years had constant noise from neighbours music, drugs, alcohol, now dogs. Now sleep in kitchen as bedroom has put nervous system close to breaking. exhausted no money to move Prayers they suddenly move/I now get the money to move somewhere good.
    P of Seaford
    12 Sep 2017
  • Please pray fir my daughter Kathleen who is having appendectomy surgery right now. Thank you
    Brian of USA
    11 Sep 2017
  • Please pray for T who suffers from OCD and experiences guilt and shame about the past. Please pray for his inner healing and peace of mind. Thank you.
    T of Brisbane
    7 Sep 2017
  • I need urgently pray for the protection of my life, family, marriage and work. I was cheated, and now I'm afraid of bankruptcy. God saved the marriage of my parents and healthy of dad - now I trust that HE will help me.
    Paulina of Poland
    6 Sep 2017
  • Lord Jesus Thank you for My beautful Family For They are all a Gift of the Holy Spirit My life would be nothing without them and you Our Creator I Pray also for Our Great Roman Catholic Faith I ask this through Christ Our. Lord Amen
    PM of Tingalpa
    5 Sep 2017
  • I beg for increased efficiency and perseverance to achieve packing and clearing our home of decades. I feel that I am alone in being aware of the passing of time with a deadline drawing ever closer.. Therefore I ask also for patience with the difference in our personalities.
    MA of Brisbane
    1 Sep 2017
  • We are a family of 3 greatly attached to God.We are in a drastic situation where we need to provide more information for our permanent residency.We have difficulty gathering information as it dates back to more than 5yrs. We have a loan too.God help us, lead us, protect us and give us strength.Amen.
    S P of Newcastle
    29 Aug 2017
  • For healing. Health and energy. As well as courage. Thank you.
    Monica of Brisbane north
    24 Aug 2017
  • please pray for spiritual healing, blessing and protection of Darko and his brother, they are in much need of help right now
    Mathew of HOLMESGLEN
    24 Aug 2017
  • For the conversion of Gloria S.
    23 Aug 2017
  • For the Pope and the Church, that we may avoid schism, apostasy and heresy.
    Alice of Jakarta Timor
    22 Aug 2017
  • Dear Lord please take care of my Mate Ray who was killed in his Truck yesterday. Watch over hos daughter and comfort her. Allow them to be reunited in heaven.
    Steve of Brisbane
    22 Aug 2017
  • Please pray for Derek for 9 years please. he is in prison Holy Mother of God, pray for us. Amen st.Jude,Oct.28, pray for us. Amen
    Derek of Brisbane
    22 Aug 2017
  • Please pray for me as I am chronically ill and in need of healing, hope and strength. Please pray also for Baylie and her safety. Thank you.
    18 Aug 2017
  • Please pray for Eric -Please pray for his conversion and for the salvation of his soul.Pray that Christ The King will have mercy upon him and save him.
    18 Aug 2017
  • For peace in the world. For the Pope and all Catholics. For our near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the health of her son and parents. Thanksgiving for favours received.
    Lloyd of Cochin
    17 Aug 2017
  • Need prayer for healing from Nose Bleeds, Mild Arthritis,Anxiety,Depression
    John of Woody Point
    15 Aug 2017
  • Prayers for my wife. Heal her scars and hurts Lord. Give her the great gift of forgiveness. Help her to discover the joy of life again, even in the midst of suffering. Help her to discover You once again. Create a new heart in her O Lord, and pour out Your Spirit upon her. Amen.
    C of Sydney
    14 Aug 2017
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