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Read prayer intentions

Please pray with us these prayer intentions and prayers of thanks left by the faithful the world over.
  • Please pray that my wife Adelita, and children will forgive me of my past sins, we are separated, she is wanting a divorce and she is in the world with another. Please pray that God removes this person and heals my family so that reconciliation will happen and we will be a family again.
    shane of Texas
    22 Nov 2017
  • Please pray for my fathers conversion and longevity with quality of life. He has just been diagnosed with cancer throughout his body he also has Alzhiemers. He is an atheist.
    Neri of Brisbane
    22 Nov 2017
  • Please pray that I find a fulltime job or a job finds me. Thank you!
    Timea Bozic
    16 Nov 2017
  • I give thanks for my life's journey so far, friends & family. Please God hear my prayer for guidance. I grow tired of fighting myself each day for survival. The light fades from my heart. Please bless all those suffering or ill in Brisbane.
    Gregory of Brisbane
    8 Nov 2017
  • Please pray for K. a young adult male who is having psychiatric problems with distorted thinking and severe anxiety.
    7 Nov 2017
  • Sierra is a 13 month old with severe food allergies. Please pray for her
    Sierra of Melbourne
    7 Nov 2017
  • That God enables me to cope with my son's depression/anxiety as I'm trying to recover from severe complex trauma myself and when he has his episodes I can't sleep and get very distressed. Prayers that I can still sleep and breathe easily.
    PJ of Melbourne
    7 Nov 2017
  • In the name of Jesus Christ, Pray for my brother Rudy experiencing depression to the point of trying to take his life. Lift my brother up in prayer that God will heal the root of where his pain stems from so he can begin the healing process. May God allow him a personal encounter Jesus Christ.
    7 Nov 2017
  • For my son M. That God now enables him to be who he was created to be and now becomes proactive for himself his life and work choices.
    PJ of Melbourne
    7 Nov 2017
  • I'm struggling to live with Bipolar and overcome an addiction. Please pray I can continue to walk in faith and not be overcome by Satan. I know many souls depend on me being faithful to God though at present I feel very weak and fear I cannot get through this alone. God bless.
    Jeff of Sydney
    7 Nov 2017
  • healing and blessing of asmitha, abie; alroyd shaista and family; josephine, peter linus and patrick repent and come to the lord jesus
    julian of mumbai india
    7 Nov 2017
  • I will be able to get over a man who abused me, and I will get a transfer at work soon.
    S of California
    31 Oct 2017
  • I would like prayer to receive the greatest miracle in my life I been dreaming of a great miracle of my deepest desires. Thank you.
    Sharnice Cyprien
    30 Oct 2017
  • Please contemplate socially just economic inclusion / opportunity for marginalized outcasts of NY state. With Gratitude.
    Marginalized in NY state
    26 Oct 2017
  • Please pray that God will open all communication between Tom and Amy. Please pray that God will reconcile these two for they love each other. Please pray God will release the bitterness in Amy's heart immediately
    tom of Palos Heights, IL
    26 Oct 2017
  • Pray for Grace of Conversion & Spiritual Healing for Heidi "O Blood & Water, which gushed forth fro the Heart of Jesus, as a font of Mercy for us, I trust in You."
    25 Oct 2017
  • Please contemplate economic inclusion / opportunity for marginalized populations of NY state. Thank You.
    18 Oct 2017
  • Please pray for Rayline. She injured her back 3 years ago. After this her legs were paralyzed. Recently her left leg has started to work again.. Please pray that her right leg will now return to normal functioning so she can be blessed with giving birth to a child
    mathew s of melbourne
    16 Oct 2017
  • Please pray for the conversion of Claudia and Daniel Giraldo, for the health of Maria Adela Gomez and Sofia Garcia
    16 Oct 2017
  • For my family, my marriage, my son and my upcoming exam on November.
    Isabel of Carina
    16 Oct 2017
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