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Read prayer intentions

Please pray with us these prayer intentions and prayers of thanks left by the faithful the world over.
  • Please help me with problems and anxieties. Help me to recover from my illness and that my surgery willbe successful.
    Joan of Ipswich
    17 Dec 2018
  • Pray for my victories and peace of mind.
    Sathish s
    17 Dec 2018
  • Please pray that I can surrender my burdens and problems to the Lord. Please pray that he eases my anxiety and helps me to trust him. I am pleading for prayers that the Lord is with us and guides us through a problem we are facing. Please pray for a favourable outcome
    14 Dec 2018
  • "Lord please renew my friendship with my friend Elizabeth. I made a bad choice and betrayed her and broke her trust. I hope our friendship still has a chance for forgiveness and reconciliation. I am in so much pain for hurting her and need consolation.
    13 Dec 2018
  • I beg for a prayer for winning my court case with the banks - I was deceived, terribly cheated, and I was seriously ill. For digging out of a ruined life, for protection for children and my parents.
    Paulina of Poland
    13 Dec 2018
  • Please pray for myself my husband our two little children pray for our families our neighborhood please pray that god will give us good neighbour's next door in this empty home that they will be quiet & respectful that we get along beautifully amen
    Margaret of Ireland
    13 Dec 2018
  • God, I thank You for answering all my prayers. Amen.
    Simon of Washington DC
    10 Dec 2018
  • Please pray for my Grandma Peggy who is dying. She needs many prayers! I love her so.
    Traci of Portland, oregon usa
    10 Dec 2018
  • Please help me find meaningful paid employment.
    J of Gold coast
    13 Dec 2018
  • Please pray for my job and financial crisis
    George of Pakistan
    13 Dec 2018
  • Hello, I would like to request a prayer for myself. I m suffering from very intense financial crisis with debts that I cant manage by myself. Im unemployed and i just lost my business which have brought me a plenty of debts that are tormenting me. Only a financial miracle could relieve me.
    jean of China
    13 Dec 2018
  • Kindly pray for me for the approval of my US Visa application that I may be able work in the US to help my family in their needs. I am worried right now for I have received a denial notice which I am sorting out right now.
    Elisa Marie
    13 Dec 2018
  • Please pray for a safe recovery of major surgery for help and support for my husband and little ones.
    Alicia of Brisbane
    6 Dec 2018
  • A long friend to recover and heal from C....r, as it started after surgery when it was detected,which has lead him to where he is finding it difficult speaking words,sentences with instabability in standing.His parents and i love him want him to enjoy life to the most,he had min issues prev
    MT of Parkdale
    5 Dec 2018
  • Dear Lord,we need your Mercy for our son marriage upon him.give him wisdom to take right decision in his life.thanks to prayers,Glory be to Father God,Amen.
    4 Dec 2018
  • Please Pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon St Michael Archangel Protect us Amen IHS
    Derek of Australia
    4 Dec 2018
  • Please pray for God's mercy for my foot surgery, that it will go well and be successful, with no problems from the surgery, anesthesia or medications.
    Amy of North Carolina
    3 Dec 2018
  • I felt a lump on my right breast. I pray it's nothing serious. Please include me in your prayers. Thank you.
    Jena Kim of Philippines
    3 Dec 2018
  • Pease pray for Ruby Elizabeth Fyfe DOB 4 July 1930 Died 26 Nov 2018 "Loving Generous & Fun, mad St George Supporter & World Class Giggler." Daughter to John & Glady Koosache. Sister to Greta, Yvonne, Gwendolyn, Sandra, George & Johnny. Mother to: Cheryl, Linda & Sue. Service Syd 3pm Tue 04.12.18.
    Kylie of Buderim
    3 Dec 2018
  • Please pray for Katie whose husband used to beat her, now she has left him he is emotionally tormenting her and is threatening to seriously harm her. Please pray for their 2 sons.
    29 Nov 2018
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