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Read prayer intentions

Please pray with us these prayer intentions and prayers of thanks left by the faithful the world over.
  • Please pray for the healing of my face bones (dead bones), and for strength and faith for me and my family. Please pray for courage for me - I feel so scared. Please pray for my marriage.
    27 Jul 2017
  • heart health to be good
    anonymous of uk
    27 Jul 2017
  • womens health - gynea womb polycystic ovarian syndrome ,fibroids , hormone disorder
    anonymous of uk
    27 Jul 2017
  • to be completely cured and delivered from somatic psycosis depressive nervous anxiety condition (thoughts visions emotions)
    anonymous of wales
    27 Jul 2017
  • financial - for wealth abundance prosperity never ending supply , no lack no struggle no debt no poverty , end financial misfortune , (end cycles of extream financial suffering parking fines, tax fines unexpected bills , bouncing back of payments ,bank charges , lack of funds etc )
    r of uk
    27 Jul 2017
  • Please pray for my health. I'm not feeling well. Also please pray for the health of my family. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen. Thank you. Jesus, I trust in You.
    L of Miami, FL USA
    25 Jul 2017
  • Donald Trump to be always protected in Jesus blood. All evil attacks against him collapse instantly in Jesus name
    25 Jul 2017
  • sorry to ask you again THANKS FOR YOUR HELP please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for my friends named oksana nastia and ioulia in kiev
    ludovic of grenoble
    25 Jul 2017
  • Thank you for praying for 1 For court case in july for me not to have to pay anything and to be convicted in nothing as an employee tried to steal from me
    p of usa
    24 Jul 2017
  • Please pray for me that I find the financial means to purchase a home for my son and me. My husband disappeared before our child was born. I pray for his return to mental health so that he can be a good role model for our child. Pray for me please that I can provide my child with freedom and hope.
    K of Brisbane
    24 Jul 2017
  • Heavenly Father, I pray that give me a new job that I will enjoy and maximise the gifts and skills that you have given me. A job where I can have new friends and kind colleagues so that I can learn to trust people again. Amen
    HES of Australia
    24 Jul 2017
  • Please pray for my father who has a growth on the side of his head. May he be healed this week during his 5 day pilgrimage.
    I of Nundah, QLD
    25 Jul 2017
  • Please Pray for my mother's health who is quite sick. Also my drama teacher, Kelli who will get surgery soon for cancer. Also my financial issues so that I may not become homeless on the streets.
    Jessica of Brisbane
    20 Jul 2017
  • I am experiencing suicidal impulses because of severe mental illness and the breakdown of my marriage. Please pray that I will find the strength to cope with my situation. Thank you.
    12 Jul 2017
  • Please pray my mum be cured of cancer and protect her from recurrence. Please aid clinicians in finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. Amen
    10 Jul 2017
  • I am struggling to pay my bills. I am married and have a young daughter. I hate this feeling of struggling sometimes I don't feel like a man but a loser. I really want a new job so I can pay my bills. My problem is it will cost money for training then getting new job. Sometimes i feel trapped.
    10 Jul 2017
  • Please, keep DEJAN and me in continued prayers forGOD'S PROTECTION, BLESSINGS and LEADING of our relationship, so that we grow into strong Christian couple and get married soon. Thank you for all your prayers Wish you all the blessings Katarina from Belgrade
    10 Jul 2017
  • Dear God, thank you for guiding the American pulic to elect almighty POTUS Donald Trump and please help him defeat the emerging North Korean global threat and catch the barbaric terrorists. Amen
    Matthew of South Brisbane
    7 Jul 2017
  • Please pray to God for my father that he will be healed and enlightened to leave his bad vices.
    D of Philippines
    6 Jul 2017
  • please pray for Cath ,Lord to fill her with Holy Spirit,wipe away her tears,depression,anxiety,lust and evil bindings of wrong friendships,inner wounds, body aches,shoulder ,leg and Hip pain and injuries and to fill her with Happiness,peace, Joy, wisdom and guide her in her life,let her study well
    PT of AU
    5 Jul 2017
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