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Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care launches new website

The Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care (CMPC) launched its new Website on May 26th.

Director of CMPC, Mr. Jose Zepeda proudly unveiled the new resource, which can be located at www.multiculturalcare.org.au on the internet.

Mr. Zepeda said establishing a Web presence had been a key communication goal of the CMPC for some time, and he was hopeful that migrants, refugees, ethnic chaplains, high school students, the Archdiocese and the public in general would find it useful.

“Archbishop Bathersby is asking this diocese to think creatively, to use its energy and passion to bring good news and hope to South East Queensland,” Mr Zepeda said.

“It’s a lot of challenges but if we look at the gospel values and what is good news for us, we have a great message.

“This site is an opportunity for dialogue with others in terms of ecumenical issues, and perhaps more relevant today, the political, economic and faith dialogue that must happen on account of interfaith and intercultural relationships,” he said.

The site was designed by Engin Obucic, a Community Settlement Officer with the CMPC, with content being edited by Percy Lawrence.

One of its greatest strengths is its use of multilingual PDF documents, which easily accommodate the needs of those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Mr Zepeda said this capacity would hopefully be expanded upon in future to encompass the whole of the site.

“This is only a beginning and we realize there are some things which are not there yet that should be,” Mr. Zepeda said.

“That’s why the icon of the donkey (CMPC logo) is animated and prominently featured on the Website.

“It’s symbolic not only of the first refugee family but represents us as we keep moving forward,” he said.

Released by the Catholic Communications Office.

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