Media contact - Archdiocese of Brisbane

Media contact

Media contact information for requesting an interview with our Archbishop or other spokespeople.

The Archdiocesan Communication Office should be the initial point of contact for all media in connection with matters relating to the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Story ideas and photo opportunities are welcome. Commercial photography in the Cathedral precinct is not permitted.


Manager Archdiocesan Communication Office
Adrian Taylor
Ph: 07 3324 3227
Mobile: 0419 027 769

Wherever possible the Archdiocesan Communication Office responds positively to calls from the media.


Dependant upon the issue raised, the Archbishop may not be the spokesperson involved in fielding the media enquiry. A number of qualified people within the Archdiocese have been designated to handle these particular areas of interest. This covers specialist areas like:

  • Bioethics (euthanasia, abortion, IVF, cloning)
  • Social justice and peace issues
  • Canon law
  • Multicultural pastoral care
  • Catholic family and community services
  • Counselling
  • Marriage and many more

Film and Photography

Television news and press photographers are welcome to take film and still pictures inside and outside St Stephen’s Cathedral. Media are welcome to attend special occasions such as Christmas masses, Easter ceremonies and Anzac Day ceremonies.

The guidelines contained in the Film and Photography Guidelines are designed to assist them.

All other commercial photography is not permitted in St Stephen’s Cathedral or in its grounds. This includes requests filming television commercials, film documentaries or still photography.

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