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Commission Offers Parishes Support on Social Justice

The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of Brisbane is encouraging parishes to seek its support in developing a deeper awareness of and stronger commitment to social justice in the wake of the 2003 Synod and in the lead-up to Social Justice Sunday on 28 September.

The Commission has already been approached for information and assistance by many parishes since the Synod in May and is keen to offer more parishes the support they need to grow in their commitment to social justice.

The Commission’s Executive Officer, Peter Arndt, said that the Commission is hoping to complete its strategic plan in the next two months, but is eager to assist parishes where there is an immediate need.

He said that some existing parish social justice groups are looking for help to understand the make-up of the community in which they live out their mission and the sorts of social issues which are most relevant in their community.

“We have started to help some parish social justice groups to not only understand the make-up of their local community and the problems which are most pressing there, but to also find local community networks within which they can work more effectively to promote greater justice for people,” Mr Arndt said.

“Many parishes and their social justice groups are already doing a wonderful job of being messengers of the Gospel’s call for peace and justice,” he said.

“The Commission welcomes the opportunity to provide parishes with individualised support to develop their social justice commitment in accordance with their own community’s context,” he said.

“We are already providing parishes with regular information and action resources on a wide range of issues, but we are happy to give support to them so that the parish response is tailored to meet the local circumstances,” he said.

Released by Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of Brisbane

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