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Contribution to the Forde Foundation

The leaders of Anglican, Catholic and Salvation Army Churches have announced the results of a State-wide appeal to assist the Forde Foundation.

An aggregate of $95,307.55 was collected from local Church communities and contributed by central Church funds. A cheque for the final amount was forwarded to Mrs Leneen Forde, on behalf of the Foundation, on Friday 11th October.

The Churches’ contribution complements extensive service provision and particular payments made in support of some cases.

Church leaders (Archbishop Phillip Aspinall – Anglican; Archbishop John Bathersby – Catholic; Major James Condon – Salvation Army) identified their collective support to the Foundation and former residents.

The appeal to local communities has served to highlight the plight of some former residents and offers practical assistance of a substantial form to their continuing needs.

Church leaders recognised the existing $2million contribution by the Government to the Foundation.

They also acknowledged the efforts of other Churches and Religious Institutes who had taken steps to address the concerns registered with the Forde Inquiry of 1999 and supported by the current Foundation.

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