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Statement from Bishop Brian V Finnigan, Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Toowoomba

Dear Father, Pastoral Leaders, Associates, Co-Workers, Heads of Diocesan Agencies, Catholic Education Personnel. Staff and people of the Toowoomba Diocese

I trust you are rejoicing with the appointment of our new Bishop. I am delighted to welcome Monsignor Robert McGuckin who has been appointed by Pope Benedict XVI as the sixth Bishop of the Diocese of Toowoomba. Mons McGuckin has had many years of experience as a pastor in different roles and in addition has been engaged in positions of leadership in the Archdiocese of Sydney and the Diocese of Parramatta. He is presently Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia in Parramatta as well as Judicial Vicar of the Regional Tribunal for NSW and the ACT. His tribunal involvement has meant visiting and working in the country Dioceses of New South Wales. His ministry over the years in Australia and overseas has given him deep insight into the beauty and mystery of human relationships and the struggles which many individuals endure in their journey of life. He is well equipped to lead people to a deeper liturgical and spiritual life. He has had years of involvement in the daily life of parishes.

I am confident that the priests, religious and lay faithful will give a warm welcome to Mons McGuckin so that his gifts and skills can flourish and that the Diocese will continue the traditions of which it is renowned.

Everyone is invited to pray a blessing on Mons McGuckin’s ministry that is will be very fruitful and will build on the achievements of his predecessors.

Mons McGuckin’s Episcopal Ordination will be celebrated in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Toowoomba, on Wednesday, 11th July at 11.30am, the Feast of St Benedict.

Mons McGuckin will be visiting the Diocese of Toowoomba on Wednesday, 16th May. There will be open house in the Board Room, at the Bishop’s Office, 68 Lindsay St, from 11.00am until about 12noon. You are welcome to call in for a brief greeting.

You might like to express a word of welcome to Bishop-Elect Robert McGuckin whose address is: PO Box 3066, North Parramatta, NSW 1750, tel 02 9683 6277, rmcguckin@parra.catholic.org.au.

Naturally I will now fade into the background but I would like to thank the priests and many others for the kind welcome and cooperation shown towards me. I am aware that there are many tasks left undone. In particular I pay a special tribute and thanks to my Delegate, Fr Brian Sparksman, assisted by Fr Peter Schultz, and Josephine Rice, Executive Assistant, for their sterling service in taking on tasks well beyond the call of duty, and fulfilling them with good will and dedication. The ongoing functioning of the Diocese could not have progressed so smoothly without their generosity, hard work and good humour. I also pay a tribute to Bishop Bill Morris who warmly welcomed my presence in the Diocese, gave helpful advice and encouragement and shared information about his pastoral activity.

Wishing you every blessing and peace.
Bishop Brian V Finnigan

Apostolic Administrator, Toowoomba, Auxiliary Bishop, Brisbane.

May 14, 2012.

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