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Archdiocesan Services

Archdiocesan Services provides services to parishes and agencies of the archdiocese in a range of financial and administrative activities.

Archdiocesan Services supports the Mission of the Church through service to parishes and agencies of the Archdiocese in a range of financial and administrative activities providing advice and expertise in the areas of:

  • Information, Communication and Technology
  • Finance services
  • Resource Development
  • Property and building services management
  • Care for Clergy
  • Funding Opportunities
  • HR Management, employment and industrial relations

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Information, Communication & Technology

Information, Communication & Technology

Information, Communications and Technology is a shared service operating in Archdiocesan Services IT functions across the Archdiocese of Brisbane with the exception of Catholic Education. We provide IT equipment and support to parishes, Cathedral precinct and Centacare.


We provide numerous services to assist you in your IT needs from purchasing of computers, peripherals and other IT equipment through to support of various different types of IT environments.


PCs: we have negotiated extremely competitive pricing on small business ready PCs and peripherals. Our PCs are not comparable to what you would buy at a local computer retailer. We include all the extras including a top flight machine, 3 years onsite next business day warranty and free 3 year help desk. All of our systems come preinstalled with Windows 10 Professional, MS Office Professional and Corporate Antivirus. All licences are registered and updated so that your machine is ready to go out of the box.

Peripherals, printers etc. We have extremely competitive prices for printers, memory sticks, external drives, network gear, software etc.

Our prices remain competitive because we don’t carry excess stock so most purchases are shipped to order. We will advise you on order the likely time for delivery.

ICT Service Desk

We provide ICT support for all parishes and most Archdiocesan entities. Our team is geared up and ready to take your call.
We can also help with other IT needs:

  • Hardware repair and re-configuration
  • Site consultation and setup for new or renovated buildings
  • IT strategy
  • Project management and delivery
Resource Development

Resource Development

The Resource Development team is responsible for securing the necessary funds to assist the Church in South East Queensland in its mission to bring people to Christ.

Resource Development Programs:

  • Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of Brisbane
  • Emergency Relief Fund
  • Parish Support Program
  • Seminary Education Appeal
  • Centacare – Catholic Social Service Appeal
  • Priests Foundation
  • Education and Schools
  • Bequests
  • Archdiocesan Database
  • Archdiocesan Events
  • Assembly of Catholic Professionals

We also offer assistance and support to the resource development programs of all Archdiocesan parishes, schools, and other Catholic ministries and programs within the Archdiocese and the state of Queensland.

We invite you to visit our own website. The Resource Development Team welcomes your involvement in supporting the important ministries of the Catholic Church in South East Queensland and welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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Care For Clergy

Care For Clergy

“For those who nurtured our faith”

The Priests Foundation in the Brisbane Archdiocese was established in 2000 by Archbishop John Bathersby DD.

Acting in concert with the Clergy Support Office, the foundation provides the infrastructure and the financial means to meet with dignity the care needs of sick and retired priests.

Most of our Archdiocesan priests work long into their seventies, caring for the spiritual life and welfare of their people – often to the detriment of their own long-term welfare.

Even in retirement most priests, while their health allows, will continue to serve the community, in particular, by the celebration of weekend Masses in parishes and assisting as chaplains in aged care facilities.

The Priests Foundation covers needs such as:

  • Convalescence care
  • Nursing home and hostel care
  • Transport assistance
  • Health insurance
  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Motor Vehicle expenses
  • Assistance with board and lodging expenses

Everyone can participate in Care for Clergy by helping fund the Priests Foundation.

There are three ways of donating to the care of our retired clergy:

  1. Annual parish collection – usually May/June each year
  2. Individual donations/gifts now or at a later time (All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible)
  3. Bequests by individuals or trusts to the Priests Foundation

Methods of payment:

  • Post cheque/money order to Catholic Foundation, Catholic Centre, GPO Box 282 Brisbane
  • Telephone – credit card only


Resource Development Office
Ph: 07 3324 3200

Priests Foundation
Ms Rosemary Woods, Ph: 07 3324 3362
Email address:
Fax: 07 3324 3366

Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

One-off grants are available to not-for-profit community based organisations for service and activity type projects from the Jupiters Casino Community Benefit Fund (JCCBF) and the Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF).

Parishes are eligible to apply for funding and historically the JCCBF and GCBF have been most generous to various Archdiocesan entities.

Funding may be provided for a variety of projects such as the purchase of office equipment and furnishings, refurbishment of community facilities, installation or upgrade of fire alarm and emergency lighting systems, construction of ramps for disabled persons etc.

JCCBF will consider applications up to $150,000 and the GCBF will consider applications up to $30,000. An application package incorporating the funding guidelines and the application form is available from the Queensland Government or by contacting Parish Finance Services.

Both JCCBF and GCBF require an incorporated body to sponsor every application. In the Archdiocese of Brisbane that body is The Corporation of the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane.


Further information about these grants and assistance with the preparation of an application can be obtained by contacting Parish Finance Services

Human Resources Office

Human Resources Office

The services of the Human Resources office are provided to the Cathedral Precinct, Centacare and Parishes. They provide expertise and advice on all employee matters specifically providing support and guidance to managers on:

  • HR Policy and Strategy
  • Workforce Planning and Change Management
  • Recruitment
  • Employment Guidelines
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Employee and Industrial Relations matters
  • Workplace Agreements – enterprise bargaining
  • Performance Management
  • Remuneration and Benefits Management
  • Payroll
  • Training and non-Spiritual Formation
  • Career Development
  • Legislative Compliance (e.g. anti-discrimination, privacy, working with children)

Career Opportunities

For information about current vacancies within the Archdiocese of Brisbane, please visit our Career Opportunities page.

Policies and Guidelines

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Staff of the Archdiocese of Brisbane can also log into the Archdiocesan Intranet below, which will provide them with access to Archdiocesan policies and procedures.

For assistance with accessing these sites please contact our office on 07 3324 3146.


If you need advice or assistance with a HR matter, please contact us on:

Phone 07 3324 3146

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