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Archdiocesan Highlights

Jun 2019 '19

St Mary's - Ipswich

When Queensland was in its infancy there was some thought given that Ipswich might become the state capital. The beautiful St Mary's Church at Ipswich certainly would not have been out of place as a Cathedral, but it was not...
Jun 2019 '19

World Environment Day

June 5 is World Environment Day. The Archdiocese's own Laudato Si' working group is taking the Pope's call to action on the environment to heart, developing plans and resources to help the church live out the ethos of the...
Jun 2019 '19

Ordination of Fr Joshua and Fr Brendan

The highlights of a wonderful night for Fr Joshua Whitehead, Fr Brendan Gormley and the Archdiocese. On Friday 31st May 2019, Fr Joshua Whitehead and Fr Brendan Gormley were ordained to the priesthood at the Cathedral of St...
May 2019 '19

Joshua and Brendan - Pre-Ordination Interview

On Friday night two young men complete their brief role as transitional deacons and are ordained as priests. For Brendan Gormley (currently at Jubilee Catholic Parish Brisbane) and Josh Whitehead (at the Cathedral) it's the...
May 2019 '19

National Volunteer Week

Today marks the beginning of National Volunteer Week (May 20 - 26) and the theme this year is "Making a World of Difference." We have 98 parishes in the Archdiocese of Brisbane which accounts for approximately 8200...
May 2019 '19

Keeping the Faith - Rebecca Tweedy

Happy Mother's Day! In our latest instalment of Keeping the Faith, Donna interviews Rebecca Tweedy, mother of three children. In July last year, her youngest son, Conor, sustained a catastrophic spinal injury while playing...
Apr 2019 '19

Keeping the Faith - Harvey Lister

In our latest installment of Keeping the Faith, Donna interviews Harvey Lister about his life and faith.
Apr 2019 '19

The Book Store - Heather Joseph

Like the road to Emmaus, walk a while with people after Easter and you discover the most amazing things. If you have a spare moment today, spend some time with Heather Joseph - an absolute gem who has been serving all for...
Apr 2019 '19

Easter Sunday - Easter Series 2019

"But what they find, in the light of dawn, was something completely unexpected." Happy Easter! The final video in our 2019 Holy Week series is here!
Apr 2019 '19

Good Friday - Easter Series 2019

"With false accusations against him and howls for blood from those who hated him, Jesus was sentenced to death as a criminal." Our 2019 Holy Week video series continues with Good Friday. Mass times available here: Mass Times 2019
Apr 2019 '19

Holy Thursday - Easter Series 2019

"In spite of all this, he still choose to do the will of the Father, trusting in the strange and wonderful plan of God." As the Easter Triduum begins this evening, our 2019 Holy Week video series continues with Holy...
Apr 2019 '19

Palm Sunday - Easter Series 2019

"On Palm Sunday, we celebrate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Everyone was singing Hosanna, and waving palms in the air and laying cloaks on the ground, as Jesus rode in on a donkey." Our 2019 Holy Week video...
Apr 2019 '19

Holy Week 2019 Video Series

"All time is holy but we name one week Holy Week, because it takes us to the very heart of Gods gift to us." Our 2019 Holy Week video series starts here - join us at Masses across the archdiocese:
Apr 2019 '19

Five-second moments to help parents of teenage boys

Brother Damien Price is a former teacher in Brisbane schools including St Joseph's, Gregory Terrace, St Patrick's College, Shorncliffe, and St Laurence's College, South Brisbane. He continues to work with schools across the...
Mar 2019 '19

Fourth Friday of Lenten Season

As we continue our journey through Lent, it can be helpful to remember how can respond in this season.
Mar 2019 '19

St Brigid's - Red Hill

Over 100 years ago, this iconic big red church was built upon a hilltop overlooking Brisbane's CBD. Designed by famed architect Robin S. Dods and modelled on the Albi Cathedral in France, it has been a place of regular...
Mar 2019 '19

When is St Patrick's Day Celebrated?

March 17th is usually the day St Patrick's Day is celebrated, but that's not always the case. This year it's on Monday the 18th of March...
Mar 2019 '19

Keeping the Faith - Peter McWhirter (With Donna Lynch)

In this month's installment of Keeping the Faith, Donna interviews Peter McWhirter, director of Scotch & Soda and who has been heavily involved in the fashion industry for the past 40 years.
Mar 2019 '19

First Friday of the Lenten Season

Welcome to the first Friday of the Lenten season.
Mar 2019 '19

Lent Begins...

Today is Ash Wednesday, where we receive ashes on our foreheads. It marks the beginning of Lent, a time of fasting and prayer over the next 40 days till Easter.
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