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Read prayer intentions

Please pray with us these prayer intentions and prayers of thanks left by the faithful the world over.
  • Please pray for Anne, her business and her customers. In need of heavenly help.
    a of usa
    24 Apr 2015
  • I'm 43, Never been in a relationship... Please Pray GOD brings me women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen. Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen.
    Phil of CA, USA
    21 Apr 2015
  • I have problems in economic, finance, and employment. I hope miracles so deliver soon from my problems. Pray for me so God have mercy on me and my big family. Remember me always in your every first Friday Mass for nine times and your rosary prayers and meditations.
    21 Apr 2015
  • I am praying that the Lord will guide me on what to do with my career decisions. That He may lead me to the right one. I am also praying that in His own time, He will grant me and my husband, a gift of life (baby).
    CML of Brisbane
    21 Apr 2015
  • Please may my brother be restored to full health. May my whole family be healed from all relationship problems. Thank you.
    ENS of Sunshine Coast
    17 Apr 2015
  • I pray for all men currently studying to enter the Priesthood. I also pray for all Priests and the pastoral challenges they face each day, particularly in a society where so many publicly question the relevance of the Church in the modern world.
    EMK of Brighton
    1 Apr 2015
  • For my brother, Michael, for his freedom from same sex attraction and for his discernment to the priesthood.
    VSBH of Canada
    31 Mar 2015
  • please pray for my sister Maria that her tests this week come back all clear and that there is no cancer may the blessed mother watch over her always and protect her. Jesus I place all my trust in you Amen
    CB of brisbane
    17 Mar 2015
  • Father Almighty, I pray for the speedy and full healing of my optic neuritis & for the preservation of my eyesight. I pray that I do not have any other problems/diseases of my nerves. I pray for the full restoration of my health.
    Mia of Philippines
    14 Mar 2015
  • For a brave young lady, Bella, who is currently undergoing intensive treatment for Cancer. Gracious God, we pray for strength and healing for Bella and for comfort for her family.
    13 Mar 2015
  • I pray to God that my son find a job after graduating at uni in 2013. Went thru family distress and financial difficulties. Has a short break (to de-stress) applied for jobs (many). Still none at this time. Please lead him in his search. He is feeling not hopeful at times and that makes me worried.
    RM of South Brisbane
    5 Mar 2015
  • My son Ned is 10 years old and has uncontrolled epilepsy and he continues to have seizures every night. We are taking him to Melbourne to have 2 surgeries on 10th and 17th March 2015 to try and stop his seizures. I humbly ask for your prayers for successful surgeries and the healing of Ned.
    Michelle of Corinda
    27 Feb 2015
  • Please pray that my daughter, Stephanie Joseph, is cured of her stage 4 aggressive cancer, that has spread. She is a new and first time mom and her son, Jack, will be turning 7months old this month.
    susan of
    23 Feb 2015
  • Please help me pray for my immediate employment - That I may get a full time job as soon as possible please. I pray also for my good health. Thank you so much and May the Good Lord Bless Us Always.
    Veronica of Eagleby
    23 Feb 2015
  • Please pray for my family - that the Lord may give us strength and faith during diificult times and may we live our Christian call to love with patience and kindness always.
    IF of Australia
    19 Feb 2015
  • Please pray for Malcolm, Jane, Shawn and Nicole.
    Jane of Dubai
    16 Feb 2015
  • For the health of Sr. Meribeth.
    Mike of Ohio
    12 Feb 2015
  • My husband lost the job. pls pray for him to get a job QR 25000/- permonth
    kuttyda of doha
    5 Feb 2015
  • Pray for my mother, please. She has heart disease and blood circulation problems. She very ill and weak now. Please join me in prayer for her, in Jesus mighty name. Thank you
    3 Feb 2015
  • Please pray for Ky's cure of Leukaemia & return to full health, thank you & God Bless
    Trina of Sydney
    29 Jan 2015
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